Hats&Horses Experience

Created by Alejandra Abella, Hats & Horses Menorca, and Son Bou Horse-riding, these Menorca trips are like no others: they will take you through all the aspects of the island of Menorca in Spain, including not only its deep cultural and historical connection to horses, but also its beautiful beaches and coves, archeological wonders, incredible food, and rich folklore . And you have several trips to choose from! The spring Hats & Horses Experience trips include the unique Hats & Horses harness racing event, and the fall trips include authentic Menorcan horse festivities in small towns, led by local experts. On all the trips you will be able to ride horses through the island and experience the Purebred Menorca Horse, and both classical and Menorcan dressage at one of the island’s premier equestrian centers. You will stay at five-star hotel Meliá Cala Galdana, with the beach and several boating options out the back door, and a quaint little town within walking distance.

These trips allow for all levels of riders and/or non-riders to enjoy every experience, as the level of horses and rides will be tailored to your needs and there are many entertainment, cultural and gastronomic options for non-riders. Whatever your level, you will leave this experience feeling refreshed, surprised, and excited at what you have learned and experienced with horses and their historical connection to this magical island. 

Join us and Benvinguts a Menorca!

Menorca Awaits .... and it wouldn't be the same without you!

Excitement, Adventure, Empowerment ... Menorca equestrian trips and experiences