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From parents, students and educators

  • “What you brought to our school has been amazing, stimulating and so popular. Your talent and your willingness to come up with ideas that were "out of the box" and great for kids will be unsurpassed.”

    Claudia Weintraub
    Director, River Oaks Academy
  • “Last week, four debate students ... spent their entire lunch break working through their debate for this week. It was an amazing

    thing to witness, and a true testament to Alejandra’s inspiration."

    Lori Peters
    Director, One Spark Academy
  • “Your class was fantastic, and it was amazing to see how none of the students wanted it to be over! (when did they finally leave?)... we would love to offer it again in the Fall."

    Anne Bartholomew
    Coordinator, Community Enrichment Program
    Conejo Valley Adult School
  • "Oh let me first thank you for the wonderful impact you have on [my son's] experience. He so respects and admires you! ...Your willingness to share personal experience and connect makes a world of difference in opening [my son] up to learning! We are so grateful connecting to you .... We have looked into some options for [our son] and he
    objects to moving ... because he loves being your student!”
    Leah D.
  • “Thank you so much Ms. Alejandra for being my teacher. Without having taken your classes, I wouldn't have thought about animals, the environment, or the world much differently.”
    Helen I.
  • “My sons ... declare you as one of the best teachers they have ever had, by far. After sitting-in partially in your ... class, I

    completely agree. Your teaching and curriculum were college-quality and

    top-notch. ... Thank you for giving so much of your best to us as a teacher. You are one of a kind.”

    Marisa C.
  • "Thank you for your dedication and love that you bring to all your endeavors. I feel so blessed that [my son] had class with you and that I was also your colleague.“

    Marni S.
  • “I can't thank you enough for the amazing and enriching, so enriching, experience you've given [my daughter] this year. I am so grateful that she had...so many classes with you. It's amazing how much she has learned - it seems like every day she shares some interesting detail with me that doesn't seem related to a workshop subject and when I ask where she learned it you always turn out to be the source! And she knows it in depth and relates it with such enthusiasm. Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher!”

    Lee S.
  • “Adventurous, enthusiastic, passionate about life-long learning, you've put a spark into so many students here... You bring fresh ideas and love for the students into your classrooms.”

    Kathy J.
  • “I loved your animal behavior and debate classes. Thank you for being a good teacher. You are an inspiration.”

    "Thank you for all you do and for being an inspiration for my son .... He loved your classes - Animal Behavior especially- and always debriefed me following a class."

    Sean S and Dave S.
    Student and Parent
  • "My deepest thanks for your kindness and understanding with [my son] .... You have made more of a difference to him than you will knowand he will remember you and what you have taught him."

    Colleen C.
  • “You are certainly a dynamo ...! Thank you for spreading your enthusiasm and zest for life ~ you inspired all of us!”

    Gina S.
    Project Specialist, River Oaks Academy
  • “...the kids rave about you endlessly and I am inspired by your excellence in teaching.”

    Leina B.
  • "I also appreciate your unfaltering patience...and admire your resolute attitude as a teacher. You have helped me so willingly whenever I didn't fully understand a concept, and the advice you have given me has helped a lot..."

  • “Thank you SO much for your dedication, knowledge and love. [My son] has enjoyed your class so very much, and you as a teacher. You have been his favorite.”

  • “As homeschoolers ... we strive to find and fill our lives with those exercises and activities that feed ... our souls. It's easy to talk about finding our passions but hard to live. You are the perfect model for living your passion and we've been so lucky to have you as part of our families' journeys. We will try not to mourn your absence but grow from the seeds you've planted.”

    The W. Family
  • “It has been an honor to learn the ways of debate and different rules for fair, civil argument.”
    Ethan C.
  • "Thank you for being such an effective and inspirational teacher. [My daughter] frequently discusses all the things she did ... I rarely hear about her other classes. You provided her with the positive experience I hoped she would have her first year of [mainstream] school."
    Holly B.
  • “...you meant so much for so many of us, you touched many lives and you leave a big empty space behind that will not be easily filled.”

    Mihaela I.